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Well well well ladies! It certainly has been a while.

I shall start off by saying RAMADAN MUBARAK to you all.

I am back in action and i have moved my blog over to MODESTISLE so please check it out and be as wonderfully supportive as you have all been on this blog page.

MODESTISLE is my official style and fashion inspiration blog site and i will be posting on there instead of here from now on. So for everything fashion and style related, follow follow follow.

On another related note, i started a separate blog called CHERISH EVERYTHING. This is an inspirational and motivational blog created in the hopes of bettering all of us from the inside (insha’Allah). I urge you to follow this one too.


#ootd Hoods ‘n Turbans

After wearing the same ol’ usual thing all the time, I decided to change things up with a new style for the day featuring an amazing turban from an amazing South African based company Arabian Trends SA, who sent me a damn stunning black and white turban in the post, and a cosy hoodie from Modest•isle.


I like the darker look so I paired all up in black and hubby snapped me some photos 🙂

I quite enjoyed changing things up a bit! It felt like a fresh new me and I had fun doing it, as you can see.


Check out @arabian_trends_sa for some more GORGEOUS ranges of turbans and for hoodies give a follow to @modest_isle where they can also personalise your hoodies if you want!

Is this style for you? Lemme know!

Turban || Arabian Trends SA
Hoodie || Modest Isle
Jeans || Mr Price

Soraya xxx

#ootd Black and White

I’m baaaack after a long time (AGAIN) with another outfit of the day.


I have really been into the black and white and grey look lately (as you can tell).

I collaborated with my very own BRAND NEW COMPANY “modest•Isle” who you are welcome to follow on instagram @modest_isle


I am releasing my goodies (not just clothing) a little at a time and you don’t wanna miss out! Especially since there are some major upcoming sales 😉

The item if the day is every persons wardrobe must have. The plain black long sleeve tee. Ah yes. A classic isn’t it. Almost boring. Luckily, since it is a classic, you can dress this baby up or down.



I paired mine with black ‘n white pants and one of my fave black, white and grey scarf. The black top was all I needed  to break those colours down in order to stand out!

And yes, I know it is two sizes too big for me. Baggy tops are cool okay??



You can find this top available on the soon-to-be website of modest•Isle. But for now you can order through instagram! YES!

Follow me for regular updates @soraya_mckenzie
Modest•isle @modest_isle

My Self Image Story

For those of you who know me, or have even take the time to read some of my blogs, you will know that having a “good self image” is something that I tend to struggle with from time to time.

Until recently, I have never been someone to look into the mirror and appreciate myself. I have never been able to say “here, take a (100) photo(s) of me”

Let me tell you a little about my personal experiences.
When I had started my very first year in school, I had no friends. I always sat by myself. When all the kids from class had a turn to play on the jungle gym, I was the only one not “allowed” in because the popular girl told me so. Every week I would ask her if I could play and every week she would say no.
When my mother asked me who best friend was, I would lie and pretend to be best friends with that mean girl.

I was lying to my mother and to myself because no matter how mean she was, I so desperately wanted her to be my friend.

Other kids began teasing me. They teased me about my teeth, my freckles, my knobbly-knees and my very skinny body which made me look “anorexic”.

I became very shy about my body by the time I turned 13. I refused to wear shorts, skirts or dresses. I wore long pants so that no one could see my skinny legs and knobbly knees and big shirts to hide my tummy which I felt was never flat enough.

Because of these clothes, my body never saw the light of day

I think that this was the starting point of my horrible self image.

and I became terribly pale.

I had to change schools in high school and was forced to wear skirts. This meant I had to show my legs to every judging girl around the neighbourhood. They laughed behind my back and spoke about me. I remember someone calling me “powder” amongst their group of friends and then giggling.

It was terrifying and I had a constant familiar feeling of embarrassment every single day. I felt even worse about myself for many years.

Slowly but surely I made good friends with people who encouraged me and helped me to feel good about myself and the body that I am in.

At 17 years old, I put on a skirt for the first time and went to meet my mom at the local pool. Her eyes immediately watered when she saw me dressed like that for the first time. I don’t think it was what I was dressed in that made her cry, but I think it was the way I wore my confidence that day that she knew something in me had changed for the better.

Anyways, about a year later, I became Muslim. Among many things,  Islam has taught me how to get my confidence back and how to be happy with who I am.

I know it must look absurd to people on the outside looking in. I know what they are thinking. “How can she feel good when she is not even showing anything” or ” how can she be free to find herself”


The fact that I cover my body by dressing modestly means that I am protected from harmful eyes who will look at me and judge me because of the way GOD has created me. There is no room for them to judge my skin, weight, cleavage or even hair because they cannot see it in the first place!
This means that I am FREE. Free from all harmful eyes and thoughts. I would much rather you judge my fabulous clothing than my gorgeous body! LOL!

BLOGGING is another thing that has been helping me get past the issue. First of all, the support that I receive from you guys does NOT go unnoticed. I take every compliment you give seriously and sincerely – so I hope you really mean it! Haha
Blogging has helped me become a lot more interactive (which is odd for me because I am super quiet around people).
It has also given me opportunities/excuses to dress up and take photos which is not something I would be doing if I were busy feeling sorry for myself on the couch with a packet of cheetos 🙂

I am still not absolutely 100% happy with myself (is anyone ever?) And I still have a very long way to go but I will get there insha’Allah.

I just need to look ahead and take my journey one step at a time. Loving yourself is not an easy thing to do.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my story. If you have any tips for me or other girls please do leave them down in the comments section 🙂

Soraya Mckenzie

#ootd colourFILL


I can’t believe I have been posting so many outfit of the day blogs but they seem to be fun and easy enough to keep doing while I have been so busy with life. Having a baby is not easy, people!

After many days of dull, I decided that this was a day for some colour – PINK.

I am a mama and have got to be as comfortable and cool as possible in this heat so I picked out an older black strap shirt that I have basically been living for years.
I paired that with my white jeans (for a change) from Makro to lighten it up a little.

I was going to go with more black or white, but then I spotted my poor, sad, lonely and neglected pink button up shirt, looking at me with longing. It called out my name and said “I will complete you!” …… na just kidding (or am I??)

Anyways I took it off the hanger and put it on. Looked into the mirror and it looked even better than I thought it would!
Okaaaaay, so it didn’t complete me. But it did ALMOST complete my outfit.

The only thing missing now was my Hijab. I recently purchased a grey hijab with pink, white and blue Arabic writing on it. It doesn’t say anything – just random letters. I thought it would give even more character to my outfit.

I styled my hijab a little different than usual this time. If you would like to see how I did it then let me know.



And finally – thanks to the hijab (sorry pink shirt) – my outfit was complete and I was successfully able to go shopping for toothpaste, chocolate and baby things while looking stylish. Trust me, as a mom, that is VERY difficult to do!

Hope you all enjoyed reading and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Feel free to email me with any business enquiries at
Follow me on instagram @soraya_mckenzie for regular updates

Soraya xxx

#ootd Shawls ‘n Jeans


I have decided to show you another (and better) sneaky peaky of one of my shawl designs in BLACK – OF COURSE.

This particular chiffon shawl will be available in many different plain colours with a bit of a sparkle pattern (which you will see in more detail later on) in front to add some extra stylish-girly definition to the shawl.

I have slowly but surely been bringing out the inner “goth” in me lately, so I paired the shawl with a black shirt, black jeans, black shoes and a grey scarf with black lining. Sounds pretty boring BUT I loooved the outcome! Let me know what you guys think and be prepared for all the pics (including a selfie of me and my hubby, the photographer 😉 )

Let me know what you do/don’t like down in the comments below 🙂











PEACE. I just had to add that photo in lol.


Hijab – Hanayen
Shawl – Soraya M
Jeans – Mr Price
Shoes – Shoe City


Much love

#ootd Black Black Black And Grey

Hey guys! Asalamu’walaikum to all of you ♥

I’ll get straight into it then shall I!

After going through a MAJOR pink scarf phase, I have officially weaned myself off and have become (almost completely) obsessed about grey scarfs, worn particularly with black clothing.

Why? I have no idea. I think I decided I needed a change in my wardrobe and went from pretty pink to basically colourless even though I know its the summer time and I should probably stay away from dark colours because of all the heat it absorbs.


Here is an outfit featuring a scarf and shawl they will be able to be purchased online (soon, YAY) that I quite loved while going through this black and grey phase. Please do excuse my very ameture modelling photos. They will get better eventually! LOL





The scarf is NOT from MY collection, it is from a collection from Hanayen which will be sold on my site (but please note that it is not MY design).
I’ll be showing you my designs in the near future insha’Allah 😉

The shawl, however, is something that I have created and will be showing you how to do it with a very easy peasy lil’ DIY.

Thanks for reading ladies and I hope you are all doing fab. I’ve been so very busy with my baby who has just turned a year old, alhamdulilah! Look out for a blog on that 🙂

Lotsa love
Soraya xxx

The “UGLY” word

The “UGLY” word.

Definition (from Google) : Ugly – unpleasant or repulsive, especially in appearance.”she thought she was ugly and fat”.

Have you ever been called ugly before? Have you ever called somebody else ugly? 

I am quite positive that most of us have experienced either of these situations at SOME point in our lives, whether it be at school, the work place, or even in our own homes amongst our family and friends.

Perhaps the word does not affect some as much as it does others, but I know from personal experience that calling someone ugly can cause their self esteem to plunge into an unforgiving darkness. No matter where you look, or how much light you try to shine, it is never enough to find the bulk of your confidence. All you will keep finding are debris of this confidence which shattered when it fell. And you hope that it might be light enough to pick up and take back with you.

Sometimes this word can stick with us from childhood and into adulthood and because we have heard it so many times, we eventually begin to believe that it must be true. You must be ugly. Why else would they be calling you ugly all the time? It can’t be because they are not happy with themselves because they are GORGEOUS. It must be you. You must be ugly. And every pretty picture of you is ugly too.

You know I don’t mean that about you.
Those are thoughts that often run through my head about myself, even though people have not called me ugly in years, it has still stuck with me and sometimes I still struggle to over come it. It has stayed with me since I was 8 years old and now at the age of 22 I am still searching for the lost confidence. Perhaps I am just too SENSATIVE.

If you are the kind of person who is comfortable with calling others “ugly”, consider this:

●You do not know what the person you are teasing has gone / is going through in their lives. Many depressed people hide their feelings of insecurity and just laugh it off, but when they get home at the end of the day, the crumble. Every nasty word you said to them runs through their mind, awake and in their dreams – and this may last for years to come.

●Calling someone ugly could very easily take away any kind of beauty they feel inside or out. Because you tease their outside appearance, it begins to rot away at them from the inside which could make them feel ugly from the inside out. This person can actually begin to believe what you say about them and will act accordingly… UGLY… so if you have been calling someone “ugly” and they suddenly begin to turn on you, it really is your fault.

●Calling someone ugly is an ugly thing to do. Do not bring your ugly nature into someone else’s life just to feel good about yourself 🙂

If you are someone who has been called ugly, please consider these tips below:

♥ You are not ugly. Regardless of outside appearance, no one is ugly. GOD Almighty created us beautiful to Him. He (swt) sees the beauty in us even if we cannot see ot in ourselves.

♥ I know it can be difficult, but try not to let it get you down. There are many people who love and support you through the good, bad, ugly and pretty times. Even if you feel you are alone in this, trust me, your Creator is by your side. You are never alone.

♥ Know that someone who has mocked you is very insecure themselves and they are just trying to make themselves feel good. It is more than likely that they themselves feel ugly (perhaps because of the way they have been treating others). They could be having problems that you do not know about and they have decided to take it out in you, perhaps because you are soft hearted and willing to take it.

♥ Remember to treat them with kindness no matter how much they make you cry. Always be the better person as this will make you beautiful no matter how you look on the outside.

♥ If someone has hurt you deeply and continues to bully you and you feel that your confidence has shattered too, I suggest speaking to someone you know you can trust, such as a parent, guardian or teacher. Bullying is a NO NO and you do not have to take they from anyone.

♥ If you are like me, and many years have passed since it happened but you still can’t forget it, take baby steps and know that you can pick up the pieces one by one until you have them all back. It may never be the same again but at least you can come close to it. Try your best to forget about it and show yourself how beautiful you really can be despite what they said about you.

♥Remember that no one is perfect and we all have flaws. Its time to embrace those flaws and allow them to help you instead of hold you back.

♥ You have beauty.

I hope that this little piece of advice helped some of you. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to comment below and if you wish for me to touch on any other topics please let me know 🙂

Now I need to go and ponder on some of my own advice and try not to forget it! I know it is easier said than done, but the key is to try your absolute best and always remember your creator ♥♥♥

Lots of love
Soraya xxx

Clothing Design!

Asalamu’walaikum ladies, hello! How have you all been? Hope you are all great insha’Allah.

I know that I have not posted a blog in a while (again) but if you are following me on instagram you will see that I have been pretty darn busy, plus, here in SA, are currently experiencing heatwaves and a drought which means we are having water shortages 😦 so blogging has unfortunately taken the back seat for a little while.

I know that some ladies have messaged me and I have read them all! I just need to find a good time to reply but I am not certainly not ignoring you on purpose ♥♥♥

As you know, I have been working on opening an online boutique selling clothing, scarves and jewellery. The website is on its way! 🙂

I am also currently working on my own line of clothing where everything will be designed yours truly! (Hence I have been really really busy as everything needs to be completely PERFECT).

I can’t wait to release my very own clothing line, insha’Allah. It has been a dream of mine for a very long time and I am super excited to do this. The first line of clothing will be MODEST SUMMER CLOTHING so that modestly dressed ladies will be able to feel as comfortable as possible in the heat AND look fashionable without having to feel like she is going to faint. All fabrics will be light weight and “airy”.

Below are some pictures showing you some of the things that will be available purchase as soon as the website is up insha’Allah.

Jazakallah for stopping by to read!♥
Much love, Soraya


Black cape shawl
Grey scarf
Pink chain necklace
Will all be available at (coming soon) insha’Allah.
Instagram : @hayameera_boutique
Personal Instagram: @soraya_mckenzie


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